Tuesday, October 7, 2008

THANKS! oct 4th update

the 4th at the boiler room was amazing we loved your energy!!!
good news they liked us there at the boiler room and asked us to make a second appearance.
such date will be december 12th! with jamestown story.
we appreciate your support and everything u have ever done for us!

in other news im sure some of u guys got a free shirt! you lucky sons of muthas!
just so you know there will be more . and also we have started fun raising for the album
if theres any way youd like to help please contact Grape at 773 727 4760.
there will be more free shirts at the december 12th show

we hope to soon start a campaign to get our name out there!!
we will be making limited addition art posters and post them around the city!!!
also if your like to help out with this please hit us on myspace with your email MYSPACE.COM/STOOPGOODNOISE

dont forget we also have a show the 17th of this month at the KINTETIC PLAYGROUND.
across the street from the ARAGON BALLROOM
its 21 and up so its ok if most dont make it , but if you lookin for a good show and some legal drinkin, by all means come by!!!!

ps the white stoop shirts are glow in the dark lol

-Adrien Grape

1 comment:

Kirbydude98 said...

The show was sick Saturday, looking forward to seeing you sometime after my 21st bday too, ill party it up even though i don't drink, i get crunk enough when i listen to Lu's beats...

Thanks AGAIN for some good times, and I appreciate the support, I support the good things you guys are doing.

~Kirbs, Drummer of EveryoneButJose