Wednesday, September 24, 2008


word in!
new show just called into the works!
no such details on other bands or price
for now our time slot is 10 30
and we shall have more info as it arrives to yours truly


on another note production with the shirts is underway!!!!

ill keep ya updated

- adrien grape

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just case you forgot how badass Bow Wow was when he was still LIL. lol

this kid is talking about some serious cranium juice lol

Adrien Grape

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



we will be soon making shirts for STOOP in conjuction with EMANUEL AGUILAR(with such logo)
we will be making 25 shirts to be made available for the OCT 4TH show for...... FREEE!!!!!
more reason to go huh.

we will also be making poster with the picture below, asap just for yall !!!

we will keep you informed on the availability for these such items.
thanks !

- Adrien Grizzle

stickam! spread em! ;)

hey hey...

it's 3:20am on a wednesday and i'm hard at work on some cool things for the followers and fans of stoop... do any of you lovely people have a stickam profile?? its this great website that rolls all the social networking tools into one and we can actually broadcast with the power of teh interwebs and a webcam!! if you dont have a profile... GO MAKE ONE! and find us there and be our special friend!! we will be adding TONS of things on there that we might need an opinion on and maybe even host a little show featuring our practices, acoustic performances and who knows what else??? ;) but yeah definately hop on that site and find us!! oh! you may be asking yourself.. "who is writing this??" well it is none other then.... the mystery bass player himself... bela! Some of you may know me already and some others may not but i look forward to meeting all of you at our show in october!! god i'm so nervous!! can you tell??? it should be a fun night and i hope you all join us cause we have some new songs to play and the merch is on its way! see? that rhymes! natural musician right there!! haha until next time....


ps. if you wanna get to know the REAL me!! i got a myspace @ you can send your hate mail about how much i suck or positive stuff too! i would appreciate it haha

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chi Town Productions Presents...

hey guys, if you dont already know. Oct 4th is a big day.... BIG BIG, like CLOUDS IN YOUR EYES BIG (go go godzilla!) lol , no really oct 4th is gonna be our first show with the NEW bassist Bela.
yes the word is out, im sure you all heard about his arrival.
but now is your chance to see whether he can handle the stage lol! hey might even get to see some slip ups, lol na hes pro. any way heres the flyer to the show. come out! word is we are gonna have FREE SHIRTS, maybe even some COLLECTIBLE POSTERS.!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008


Welcome to our blog. We have decided to start a blog in order to keep everyone more informed and engaged with our band. We are very excited with things to come and think this will be a great way to to keep everyone involved and informed. Keep checking back for photos and updates to come! We are always very grateful of everyone's support and wish to continue to share our music with everyone.