Friday, January 16, 2009

Artist on Artist

I got to sit down with my very good friend Vinny Malave
of The Barcait Couture. We talked about music life and some
future plans. Enjoy !

AG: Hi Vinny, its been a while.
VM: Whats up Adrien? long timeee
AG:so most people know you from The Barcait Couture, so tell me hows the band been doing?
VM We've been doing great man. No complaints. We're heading to Phoenix AZ to record our debut album called "His Story of Lies". How about you? I heard Stoop has a new bassist?
AG: Yeah! you got to keep playing no matter with who you know, well you must know i heard your drummer has recently left TBC
VM: yeah there was a lot of craziness with that but all in all, things happened for the best and I can honestly say it was the best move we've made so far. So is there a Stoop album coming soon?
AG: yes actually we are in the studio as we speak. we dont have a name for the album yet but it should be a whole new sound. so let me ask you aboout this Album title
His Story Of Lies. Is that title tied to politics or simply a man who lies
VM a man who lies. I've always been a fan of storytelling and just creativeness. So I took fantasy concepts like horror/death/hearbreak all that and combined it wit experiences and events in my life. People who have backstabbed and all that. Just lettin it all out and puttin it in music form.
VM:So most of the new stuff you've guys been writing, what have the songs been about?
AG: thats awesome! well Stoop has two main songwriters Jesse Villalobos and I, but my songs at least in this album have been tied heavily to one person in particular. they are most about self doubt but in a way that wants to change it.
VM: thats awesome. I'm a fan of you guys and I def consider you guys close like familia. What some people don't know is that I actually used to be in Stoop. I guess thats one of the reasons its exciting playing shows with you guys bc thats the moment where i can share the stage wit u and eagle bear again haha
AG: its been a while since we picked up a guitar in the same room. but it all worked out for the best TEAR TEAR
AG: so i got another question
AG: is there any spots in your mind screaming TOUR for TBC?
VM: can i swear? Absofuckenlutely.
AG: ha
VM:We're hoping on touring this summer. Thats why we're spending early 09 recording and getting more merch. We're trying to get everything ready for tour in the summer. Theres no point in touring if you don't have anything to represent you.
AG: very true, and since gas is no longer public enemy no.1, you need to sell merch for MUNCHIES inventory huh. any ideas as to where you might tour
VM: We're thinking of hitting places like Indiana, Ohio, St Louis, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri and the rest we haven't figured out yet. How about Stoop? Are you guys planning on any tour soon?
AG: were thinking of stickin to the midwest for now, Stoop The Small Taters Tour
AG: well as itf true for all things in life let me just ask the closing five questions... you can ask me five of your own too sir
VM: alright sounds good
AG: 1 Whats the first song on the album gonna be called
VM: its an Interlude but the first song on the album is going to be called "I'll Sleep When You're Dead.."
AG: 2 What do you think about dunkin donuts thinkin fatass america actually runs?
VM: I think America runs but only to Dunkin Donuts or Mcdonalds.
AG: Final question , if you had one thing youd want god to forgive you for what would it be
VM: hmm. Well honestly, I live with no regrets, I believe everything happens for a reason. But if there was one thing I would want to be forgiven for, id want him to forgive me for all the cursing and horrible jokes I make in the future on stage. haha

VM: well for my 1st Q, What bands have influenced this upcoming album? what bands have you guys been listening to the most
AG: yeah , i think this album on my side of the writing is mostly due to built to spill and coheed and cambria. although the songs sound nothin like those two bands the lyrical styles and meanings of the songs they portrayed, made me wanna write like that
VM: thats awesome, I'm looking forward to that. 2 more Q. TBC/Stoop tour? and last Q..Did u know theres a total tool on youtube that plays songs named Adrian Aguilar. Hes taking ur spotlight.
AG:lol as for question number two the tbc stoop midwest tour would be nice,we are llooking for a band who is as dedicated!
as for question three, the name is Adrien Grape sir. thank you WISCONSIN!!!
VM: haha Well thanks for the interview and if you guys are really down to setup a tour, We'd Love to. Honestly. Id rather go on the road with another band, especially when theyre friends. and wed both give 2 great sounds to the crowd.
AG: man nice talking see ya around soon
AG: say hi to the ma for me
VM: you do the same! have fun at the studio take care bro

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